• Sushi & Saké


    Join us every Thursday for any roll and a saké flight for $19.5

    saké flight

    eiko fuji ban ryu honjozo light and fruity, crisp, refreshing finish

    murai tokubetsu honjozo hints of melon and nectarine, finishing light and smooth

    joto junmai ginjo light, floral and fruity, finishing crisp and clean

    moonstone asian pear a hint of dryness, fresh, lightly sweet pear

    hakutsuru sayuri nigori sweet, floral flavor and aroma with a creamy finish

    traditional rolls

    atlantic roll baked salmon, spicy aioli, cucumber, tempura flakes, eel sauce
    california roll crab mix, motoyaki sauce, cucumber, avocado
    crab crunch roll crab special roll, tempura flakes, eel sauce
    fiery shrimp roll spicy motoyaki sauce, cucumber
    philadelphia roll smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber
    shrimp tempura roll avocado, cucumber
    soft shell crab roll soft shell crab deep fried, avocado, cucumber
    spicy tuna roll spicy motoyaki sauce, cucumber
    spicy yellowtail roll green onion, sriracha, cucumber
    vegetarian roll asparagus, avocado, yamagobo, cucumber, sprouts

    kona rolls

    bama roll crab mix, cream cheese, jalapeño, tuna, avocado, soy paper, spicy motoyaki sauce, smelt roe
    caterpillar roll eel, cucumber, avocado, eel sauce
    checkerboard roll habanero tuna, avocado, asparagus, tuna, yellowtail, spicy motoyaki sauce
    coconut shrimp roll toasted macadamia nuts, mango, cucumber, rose nectar cream cheese, soy paper
    dragon roll crab special roll, eel, eel sauce
    las vegas roll salmon, crab mix, cream cheese, tempura fried, eel sauce
    peppered tuna tataki roll lobster & citrus aioli, avocado, peppered tuna tataki, sesame-soy chili sauce, green onion
    picasso roll spicy yellowtail, avocado, yellowtail, jalapeño cilantro relish, togarashi, sriracha, yuzu ponzu
    rainbow roll california roll, tuna, salmon, shrimp, yellowtail
    shrimp & lobster roll lobster & habanero cream cheese, cucumber, shrimp, citrus aioli, cucumber salsa
    shrimp tempura naruto crab mix, avocado, cucumber wrapper, wasabi aioli
    spicy king crab roll king crab & citrus aioli, cucumber, king crab, red jalapeño relish
    spider roll soft shell crab deep fried, crab mix, avocado, cucumber, nori & soy paper, eel sauce
    sunshine roll spicy salmon roll, salmon, shaved lemon
    voodoo roll spicy crawfish, avocado, tuna, habanero sauce, green onion, smelt roe
    wave roll spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, soy paper
    yamada roll tempura sea bass, crab mix, avocado, cucumber, soy paper, sweet & spicy sauce, fried wonton slivers

    *available all day thursdays except where prohibited by law. not available at the san juan location. sushi selection may vary by location.

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