at kona grill we serve more than modern american grill favorites or sushi. we also take great pride in offering full gluten free, vegetarian and vegan menus.

we want you to have the kona grill experience without compromising your dietary needs and goals. we have taken into account specific guest nutritional inquiries and what detail weight watchers uses when tracking meals. we are proud to offer over 60 lower calorie menu items.

we can also cater your favorite dish to your needs, removing sauces, having the dressing on the side or deleting an item. our servers and chefs are trained to accommodate your desires and can offer suggestions without sacrificing flavor.

concerned about allergens? the menus on our
[ local pages ] show nut/seed, shellfish and raw fish indications. does your child have a nut allergy? we can provide nut-free grilled chicken strips, and we have many other suggestions that we can provide to you.

more questions? please visit [ contact us ] and our executive chef will be happy to help. or, contact your [ local restaurant ] to speak with our restaurant manager directly. check back often for our nutritional tip of the month! 

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take advantage of our seasonal vegetables
served with our entrees
for a healthy and satisfying addition to your meal!