• Testimonials

    • Phoenix, AZ
      "I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know about the first-class service and constant professionalism that my guest and I received today from servers Abbie and Jack, and General Manager Bob. Bob, Abbie and Jack were extremely courteous and professional. They are tremendous assets to Kona Grill and should be commended for their efforts. I look forward to having many more pleasurable dining experiences at Kona Grill. Thank you."
    • Houston, TX
      "The new Kona Grill at Bay Brook has become a favorite lunch spot for my daughter and me. We especially enjoy the sashimi and the “change up” of the seasonal offerings; this keeps the menu from getting boring. We ate there on Mother's Day - the halibut was excellent and cooked just right. The flowers were a nice touch and it was very thoughtful to present a card that was signed by the staff. I must say that you have a great wait staff - they seem to know us, always have time for a bit of conversation (the first thing our waiter said to us Sunday was "Happy Mother's Day" - WOW!), our empty plates disappear quickly and our glasses are always full. You've got us "hooked"! "
    • Baltimore, MD
      "A friend of mine told me I had to try Kona Grill. I'm glad I finally did. Vincent took great care of my husband and I. He was very attentive and knew his information. The food and drinks came out quick even though they were busy. The Sweet-Chili Glazed Salmon entrée is amazing! The manager even came to ask how everything was going. He did not hesitate to grab something for me, instead of having my server get it. I believe his name was Aaron or Adrian. Kudos to the operation Kona Grill is running!"
    • Boise, ID
      "The staff is always great and Mike the GM does an outstanding job. Always present and makes a point to stop by tables in the restaurant. Great food with an awesome staff. Keep up the great work!"
    • Friendswood,TX
      "I hesitantly brought my kids to the new Kona Grill in Friendswood because they tend to be pretty picky. However, I was thoroughly impressed at how many kid friendly choices there were. My kids loved it, so I shared the news with my local mom’s group on Facebook (about 8,000 members) and there were so many women who were excited to know they could count on Kona Grill for family dinner! Thank you for our new kid-approved restaurant."
    • Miami, FL
      "We are traveling in Miami and eat frequently at the Tampa restaurant. Had lunch today at the Miami restaurant, everything was amazing, top to bottom. Israel was our server, and he was spot on. Keep up the good work!"
    • Oak Brook, IL
      "Kona Grill restaurant in Oak Brook is one of the best restaurants we've been to. From the beautiful decor to the incredible food and service, it has become one of our favorite places to eat. Keep up the great work!!"
    • Richmond, VA
      "This is an awesome place to hang out. The staff is friendly and courteous. The drinks are well made and strong. The appetizers are the best in town. The decor is very upscale. All the patrons are very friendly so it is easy to meet people and have some laughs. If you are looking to have a really good time and chill, this place should be on the very top of your list. You WON'T be disappointed!!!"
    • Houston, TX
      "I want to take this opportunity to say 'thank you' for the amazing customer service we had at Kona Grill. Our waitress went above and beyond with service. She was knowledgeable, made great recommendations and took pride in her job. Definitely a great experience and will come back soon."
    • Alpharetta, GA
      "I went to the Alpharetta location and was astonished at how accommodating the staff and management were to the needs of the customer, especially my server and manager. Both went above and beyond to ensure that I had an extremely positive experience. thank you. "
    • Cincinnati, OH
      "My wife and I dined at Kona Grill in Liberty Township, Ohio last night. The food was out of this world and the service was exceptional to say the least. The manager came by twice to be sure we were having the time of our life and we did. We couldn't have asked for a better dinner or evening."
      Gary and Mary
    • Lincolnshire, OH
      "Once again, Kona served us up right. The host saw us standing and waiting for a table by the sushi bar. She walked over, asked if we would like to sit at a table and lead the way. The manager came over and introduced himself and our server was great. The food was amazing as usual and the customer service was perfect - this is why we keep coming back. Don't change a thing....it's working!"
    • Austin, TX
      "I wanted to give a shout out to our awesome server last night at the Kona Grill - Austin - Domain location. He was personable, extremely friendly, quick, and provided exceptional customer service. What he didn't know was that we had just decided to leave another restaurant because of the lack of great service, before arriving at the Kona Grill. My friend, who is visiting from out of town, was blown away by the Kona experience, and the impressive hospitality that he showed us! Cheers to our waiter for making her visit, and our restaurant experience, a great one. "
    • Denver, CO
      "WE LOVE KONA! We were there Friday 9/2/16 - the service was great and the food was delicious. What we noticed most was the hostess stand. They were paying attention to the guests, not on their phones and not standing around talking. I appreciate good service when I'm out and about. Customer service is very important. Thanks to the staff of Cherry Creek! See you soon."
    • Boise, ID
      "I came in tonight with my 9 year old step daughter for dinner date. We were treated so great the whole time and I'd like to thank the entire staff. My daughter is a new vegetarian and we were surprisingly accommodated with a full menu to order from. The GM quickly found us a table in the bar area, even though the restaurant was at an hour wait. He pulled out our chairs and checked on us often. Our waitress was engaging, kind and spoke directly to my daughter. Another waitress came to offer my daughter the 'chopstick helper thingy.' She stayed a while, even with it being so busy, to talk to us about our night and compliment our outfits. The food was great and you all were amazing. Thank you so much for making our night special."
    • Phoenix, AZ
      "We visit the Phoenix location at least once a week and are always treated so well. The manager, Miles, continues to always go above and beyond to not only make sure our food and drinks are great, but is a pleasure to visit and talk with. Mia is another one of our favorites. She is always super sweet and has the biggest smile in the whole restaurant. Kona has become one of our favorite places to get a quick bite and drink because of their awesomeness."
      Tony and Brandy
    • Oak Brook, IL
      "I am writing to upper management to notify you of the exceptional customer service my family and I received after we hosted a baptism lunch at your venue this past Saturday, December 3rd. I had the pleasure of working very closely with the Assistant General Manager and I have nothing but the highest compliments for this individual. The general manager was incredibly easy to work with, accommodating, prompt in following up, and offered a very competitive rate for hosting the baptism at Kona Grill. The day of the event, the entire staff displayed excellent customer service and the food was fantastic -- we received so many compliments from our guests (roughly 120) on how wonderful the venue, food, and service was! We'll be sure to refer your restaurant and hope for additional business coming your way!"
    • Stamford, CT
      "I just wanted to tell you about the great service I had at your Stamford location today. Our waiter was exemplary, he was quick to offer menu suggestions, very attentive, and personable. In this day and age, there is a lot of restaurants competing for our dining dollars. The delicious food at Kona Grill brings us in, but service like this makes us want to come back in again and again. Your employees are first-rate, and we just wanted you to know that. "
    • Eden Prairie, MN
      "My wife and I, along with another couple, are originally from Hawaii and just dined at the Eden Prairie location. I had opah, the fresh catch of the day, which I have only had in Hawaii. The fish was reasonably priced and beyond my expectations. It was very moist and topped with a tasty glaze. My wife had the Macadamia Nut Chicken and was totally amazed at the taste and flavor of the chicken. The Passion Fruit Creme Brulee was a no brainer for dessert. Thank you Kona Grill for a great experience at your restaurant."
    • Eden Prairie, MN
      "We were pleased to dine at the Kona Grill in Eden Prairie, MN last evening in a party of eight. The hostess was pleasant and efficient, the food was wonderful as expected, and our waiter was outstanding. I would go as far as to say he was one the best waiters we have had in memory. He was pleasant, knowledgeable, professional, attentive to the entire party, and not only made our evening enjoyable, but also memorable enough for us to look forward to a return visit. Thanks, to him and Kona Grill. "
    • Chandler, AZ
      "I need to let you know about the excellent experience we had on December 29, 2016 at the Chandler location. We always love Kona Grill and stop there when we're in Phoenix. This time, we had our family from Nova Scotia with us, and we were all blown away by the food. The manager, Nick, then came over to talk with us. We told him how much we loved everything, and he said he'd like to buy us a dessert to celebrate the holidays. Oh my! We picked the Snickers Ice Cream Pie and of course, it was enough for 4 people. I have a feeling our waitress was involved in this treat as well. This experience made our day, and a special memory for all of us! Thanks Kona Grill and Nick - we'll be back!"
    • Woodbridge, NJ
      "I needed to inform you that your general manager at the Kona Grill in Woodbridge Township, NJ is doing a fantastic job. My husband and I regularly came in to Kona Grill in the past. When we had kids, we were hesitant to go because we worried about them disrupting other guests, my daughter's peanut allergy, and the like. So, after a four year hiatus, my husband was craving Kona Grill, so we decided to go in. We told our server about my daughter's allergy. The general manager came right out, pulled up a chair, and discussed the kitchen's processing and handling of peanut-containing entrees. As a mother, this meant a lot to me to know he took our concern seriously. The variety of food options for the kids meal was great - I love that my kids were offered more than chicken nuggets and fries. They got the grilled salmon with shrimp & pork fried rice and buttered noodles. The plating of the kids meals was awesome - the bunny rabbit shaped orange was a hit! The kids were excited to eat, and that meant I could enjoy MY meal (which was also delicious). We were so happy with our experience, we asked to talk to the general manager, and again, he came out and had a friendly, relaxed conversation with us. We will definitely be returning. Thank you for hiring a general manager who cares about his customers and their entire dining experience."
    • Baton Rouge, LA
      "I had lunch today at the Baton Rouge location with my husband. We were both impressed with the service we received from our server. She was amazing, and we left with the feeling that she really enjoyed her job. The food was also great. We have been there before a few times over the years, but we plan on becoming frequent customers due to our extreme satisfaction with the food and service. Please help me give our server the recognition she deserves. People often send complaint letters, but few times do they send letters of appraisal, myself included. This time, I had to send my praise because of the great impression our server made."
    • Sarasota, FL
      "I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about a lovely bartender you have at your Sarasota location. My first visit was a few months ago, and she made everything perfect. The gentleman I was with has a very strange diet and has to ask 100 questions (I'm sure it drives a server crazy, because it drives me crazy). She was so knowledgeable about the menu, and if she didn't know something, she found out for him. We have been going back every other week to see her. "
    • Phoenix, AZ
      "I have been going to Kona Grill for about five months. Every time I go, I get the same server. He has been a wonderful Kona Grill employee, and his service is amazing. The last few times I've gone I have asked for him specifically. He has made every Kona Grill visit wonderful, and it makes me want to keep going back."
    • Cincinnati, OH
      "My wife and I stopped in at Kona Grill in Cincinnati. We ordered the chicken satay and the smoked gouda fondue, both were very good, and the service was amazing. Our bartender was polite, knowledgeable, and a lot of fun. We came in late, and I know most places are not excited to have guests come in near closing time, but our bartender did not show even the slightest trace of irritation, or rush. He gave us exceptional service while also taking care of a few other guests. We were so impressed, that I am writing my first restaurant review ever. Thank you for a wonderful experience, and we will most definitely be back!"
    • Stamford, CT
      "Yesterday was my first visit to Kona Grill, and I was very impressed! The bartender went out of her way to make me feel welcome, and she did a great job telling me about the menu and drinks (hot sake, yum!). I took advantage of Happy Hour, which was very impressive, and I ordered the unbelievably tasty lemon-garlic shrimp penne dish!!! I will definitely be returning! "
    • Richmond, VA
      "My first experience at Kona Grill was two weeks ago, and I have been back two more times since then. The food and drinks are great, I love this place. We've received exemplary service on each visit, and our servers have been courteous and attentive. I'll be back again and again I'm sure of that!"
    • San Antonio at North Star, TX
      "I just wanted to say that I ate lunch at Kona Grill today with a friend, and it was an amazing dining experience. Our waiter was very attentive and knowledgeable. The honey-cilantro dipping sauce for the avocado egg rolls is about the best thing I have ever tasted."
    • Miami, FL
      "I wanted to pass along some feedback about Kona Grill at Dolphin Mall in Miami. We've lived in Doral for many years and just found out about the new Kona Grill restaurant. My wife and I dined at this location for the first time on Valentine's Day. Our server's explanation of the menu items, and his patience, as we bombarded him with questions, made it a very special experience for us. He suggested the appetizer/entree package. I ordered the Strip Steak, and my wife had the Sea Bass; both were amazing, and our sushi roll was also very good. The manager was interacting with staff and customers and talked with us for a few minutes. These personal touches, along with our waiter's service, have us excited to return; and we have told all of our friends. We hope to make this one of our regular spots."
    • Franklin, TN
      "We had dinner this evening at Kona Grill in Franklin, TN. We were a larger party with children in attendance. The food was excellent and the service was fantastic. Our waitress was extremely attentive without being overbearing. She was great with the kids and also very accommodating and thorough with one of our guests' food allergy. Kudos to this server in the way she presented herself and handled our party."
    • Winter Park, FL
      "Tonight was our first time at Kona Grill. We decided to stop in after it caught our eye driving by. We are sushi lovers, so we decided to have a seat at the sushi bar. My wife and I enjoyed some of the best sushi we've ever had. The Shrimp Tempura Naruto, Yamada Roll, and Voodoo Roll were all amazing. I'd like to give a special shout out to the sushi chef. She was the best sushi chef ever and a very pleasant person. She made our night. Our server did a great job as well. We will be back."
    • Carmel, IN
      "I just want to tell you that Kona Grill is amazing. It was my family's first time at your restaurant. Our server did a great job, her recommendations were excellent, and my husband loved the Miso-Sake Sea Bass. The manager stopped by our table and found out that it was our first time at the restaurant, so he offered to buy us dessert. The carrot cake was the best dessert I have ever had. Because of your food, staff, and hospitality, we will be regulars for life. Thanks for the great experience."
    • Stamford, CT
      "My husband and I traveled from the Bronx, NY to Stamford, CT to try Kona Grill. We are food lovers and love trying new places. I wanted steak, but my craving was headed towards seafood. Our server recommended the Kona Filet with lobster sauce. It was the best meal I've ever had, and the service was above and beyond. It's so nice to see a woman that loves her job and makes you feel comfortable to ask for anything. You do not see many servers like this in food service anymore. She had a remarkable personality that every server needs. I also saw her engaging with every other table so cheerfully. All the guests were laughing and seemed like they loved her. It was such a great atmosphere to be a part of. I will be back, the service and food are worth the traveling. "
    • Miami
      "I was recently in the Miami area for business and stopped by Kona Grill at Dolphin Mall for dinner. Not only was the food great, but the service was awesome too. The staff was very polite, and the manager even stopped by our table to check in. Everything was perfect. "
    • Baltimore
      "While babysitting, I took 3 girls (ages 11, 13, and 13) to Kona Grill after a special event in Baltimore. Their mom warned me that the little one would only eat 5 bites of anything. With each course, there was arguing and bartering over who would get the last bite! The youngest ate every bite of her kid's meal, and there was a battle over the delicious lobster macaroni and cheese. The gigantic and moist carrot cake left everyone full and happy. Our server was incredibly attentive, and the meal was absolutely the highlight of our day in Baltimore!"
    • Fairfax
      "A week ago my wife and I went in for happy hour at Kona Grill in Fairfax, Virginia. The food and drinks were great. However, that is not what this message is about. After a few drinks and some exceptional sushi, we left the restaurant, not knowing that my wife had left her wallet at the sushi bar! Believe it or not, neither of us noticed until tonight. While watching television we heard a knock at our door. To my surprise, it was the General Manager from Kona Grill. He explained that he had the wallet in the safe at the restaurant. He had personally driven to our home to make sure her wallet was brought to us. I could not believe, after all the craziness that a restaurant manager deals with on a daily basis, he took time out of his day to help us. All this being said, you truly have an incredible general manager in your company and I hope he receives some recognition for his above and beyond efforts. And an extra thank you to the general manager of the Kona Grill Fair Oaks Mall location in Fairfax Virginia."
    • Baton Rouge
      "I just wanted to let you know that every time my boyfriend and I eat at Kona Grill in Baton Rouge, everything is perfect! The macadamia nut chicken is our absolute favorite! My boyfriend has been worried that there won't be a Kona Grill wherever his job takes him, so we've been going extra. The strawberry basil lemonade is to die for, so I really recommend selling that by the gallon, I'd buy it. Anyway, I just wanted to thank y'all for the excellent service, and divine food/drinks and dining experience!"
    • Chandler
      "I just wanted to pass along a sincere thank you to the staff at the Chandler Kona Grill for a really great evening. Our server was really outstanding, a true professional. I briefly spoke to the restaurant manager and asked them to please pass along our thanks to the entire team for our experience on Friday. I have never worked in the food and beverage industry but I can certainly appreciate the level of teamwork and professionalism that Kona Grill illustrated on this night. More often than not, people are quick to point out unpleasant experiences, but I think It's important to take the time and show my appreciation. Thank you to the staff at the Chandler Kona Grill. They really made our experience a great one!"
    • Carmel
      "I just want to take a quick second to say that the last two times I have come in for happy hour the service has been amazing, and the servers were fantastic. As a server myself, I appreciate even the little things that people do when serving, and they were outstanding."
    • Oak Brook
      "On May 03, 2017 I was having an extremely trying day, so my boyfriend decided to take me to one of my favorite restaurants, Kona Grill, for dinner. I always receive great service there, but last night my server outdid himself. His smile and quirky jokes brought me out of my bad day completely. He was very attentive, and although the restaurant was a little bit busy, he never missed a beat. I commend him for his amazing customer service. And as always, my food was AMAZING!!!!"
    • Denver
      "I came in with my family for dinner to celebrate my birthday. I was treated wonderfully by our server. He was the best waiter I've ever had. He was professional, quick and had a smile the whole time. I would come back again anytime! Thank you for making my birthday memorable Kona Grill!"
    • Waikiki
      "We recently visited Kona Grill on Waikiki Beach where we had the pleasure of being waited on by a delightful server. She is truly an asset to your company. We visit Kauai twice a year and occasionally visit Oahu. We were treated to the best overall service we have had in a while."
    • Denver
      "We had dinner with our 3 kids at the Denver Kona Grill in Cherry Creek. Excellent food and the most wonderful server we have ever had anywhere. He was awesome! We will be back! Thank You!"
    • Austin
      "I've visited Kona Grill at the Domain in Austin, TX numerous times. I just want to let you know that that restaurant has the best customer service that I've ever experienced. I've been eating at restaurants on every level, all of my life, and I've never received the service that I've received at Kona Grill. The server, cook, and manager all came to our table to check on us, I was in disbelief. I went again and sat at the sushi bar with my daughter. The sushi chefs gladly explained the ingredients and recommended a great choice. I love your restaurant. My daughter is 11 and wanted to have her birthday dinner there. We really appreciate you all and will continue to come back and recommend your restaurant to others. Great happy hour specials too."
    • Austin
      "I just wanted to let you know that you have an awesome server at the Domain location. This is the second time that he has helped us here at this location and he's always so helpful and knowledgeable about the menu. He had no problem keeping up with our party of 8 and he made the birthday girl feel so special. Thanks again, we'll be back!!"
    • Fairfax
      "Just wanted to pass along a huge thank you to the location in Fairfax, VA (Fair Oaks mall). The crew did a wonderful job accompanying my party of 16 on the patio this past Sunday. We were all very pleased with our waitress, the quality of the food, and the relaxed atmosphere. We sincerely appreciate the attention to detail, especially since this was a huge birthday milestone celebration. It's employees like these that go the extra mile to add value."
    • Carmel
      "We came for family dinner twice, and both times the same waitress and manager came over to check on us. The service that we've received has been phenomenal, and the food is remarkable. I will always make this a must stop every time I came up to Indianapolis."
    • Huntsville
      "I wanted to let you know about my recent visit to your Kona Grill in Huntsville, Alabama. I was in town for business and staying at the Westin Hotel. There were many choices for dining there. I tried a few before I got to Kona Grill. I have to say that I had the best time at Kona Grill. I dined there 4 times during my week long visit. The bartender that took care of me two of the four times was awesome. She provided great service and conversation. I was also able to meet a couple of the managers.They always made sure I was taken care of, and they both remembered me when I came back in. These visits, being my first to a Kona Grill, have made sure that I will visit again when I am in Huntsville."
    • Baltimore
      "I just wanted to pass along a shout out to the General Manager at Kona Grill in Baltimore's Inner Harbor, and his staff and volunteers who came out to support us. I run a non-profit organization in Baltimore called the Casey Cares Foundation, which provides ongoing and uplifting programs for families with critically ill children. The Kona Grill team has been an amazing source of support for our families, providing lunches downtown, and a great lunch at our annual Golf Tournament. The General Manager and his staff are so giving of their time and energy, and help us whenever we are in a pinch. In addition to the golf tournament, he recently provided lunch for a sibling of a child battling cancer and their mom. It was a little moment that became a lasting memory for mom and daughter who needed some quality time. He even provided parking downtown, making the excursion so fun and easy for them! I cannot say enough about the Kona Grill Baltimore team. "
    • Cincinnati
      "Just wanted to let you know how very pleased I was with the service we received from our server and the general manager at Kona Grill Cincinnati. The attentiveness they showed us during our visit was exemplary. Looking forward to going back again. P. S. The food was great as well."
    • Carmel
      "Regarding the Carmel Indiana Kona Grill - fantastic service as well as always delicious food. The attentive service we receive is a shining example of why people come back to a particular restaurant. We wish we had the extra dining dollars to see our server more often. Some times, I swear we create a "special occasion" just to enjoy the terrific atmosphere, food, and service at Kona Grill Carmel. Hats off to the Assistant Manager tonight as well for demonstrating that he seemed genuinely concerned that we were well cared for & having a good time."
    • Friendswood
      "We chose Kona Grill to host our son's rehearsal dinner, and we were not disappointed! The manager, along with our servers went way above and beyond to accommodate us. It was beautiful and the food was delicious. There were about 50 of us, and we were all served within 30-45 min. We had so much fun and made beautiful memories. Many thanks to some of the most competent staff I've ever had the pleasure of dining with."
      Brian and Sherry
    • Franklin
      "One word, EXCELLENT! Our party of fourteen came in to celebrate my mother’s birthday. The service, food, and staff were excellent. A special “thank you” to our server, she was kind, courteous, and very professional, well done! We’ll definitely be back."
    • San Juan
      "My server at the Kona Grill in the Mall of San Juan in Puerto Rico was excellent. She stands out because she is constantly smiling, is very helpful when a new customer, such as myself, has doubts or questions about the menu, and really tries to make the dining experience special. I am very grateful for her high quality of service. Thank you."
    • Lincolnshire
      "I came into your Lincolnshire, IL location last night around 9:25 to enjoy the happy hour with my girlfriend. She has fairly severe allergies to tree-nuts, peanuts, and shellfish. It can be difficult for us/her to feel comfortable eating at a location with those ingredients. We've been twice to the restaurant right next-door to this location and when we mentioned the allergies to the waiters, they smirked and laughed a little, as if we were a huge nuisance. But, last night, at Kona Grill, the service was exceptional. Beyond. The server was extremely kind and had a great sense of humor. He was beyond attentive and did a check that was as thorough as mine when buying something for my girlfriend. This includes making sure none of the ingredients were processed or manufactured in a facility with nuts. He made sure an item was left out of the veggie roll because of possible cross contamination. We got the gouda fondue and he told us the pretzels were near nuts and couldn't be 100% safe. Instead, he substituted extra apples! He made great recommendations and we had a great time and both agreed he has treated us the best. I just wanted to show my gratification towards your restaurant for employing high-quality servers and chefs who know the ingredients that go into the food they make. Thank you for making us comfortable while dining out. We will SURELY be back."
    • Houston
      "I recently visited your location at the Galleria in Houston. This was my first time dining at a Kona Grill. The food was excellent, but I"m really writing to tell you about our server. He was awesome! We were dining with 3 small children under the age of 10. He was very attentive to their needs as well as ours. I have never had a server that could anticipate the actions of small children as well as him. People are so quick to advertise their negative experiences, I wanted to make sure you knew about this positive one. Great job!"
    • Baltimore
      "Kona Grill Baltimore consistently provides amazing food and service. I'm lucky enough to frequent this location for lunch and the general manager is always welcoming and making sure everything in his restaurant is on point. We came in with another couple for dinner before seeing David Blane at the Hippodrome on July 8th. The entire experience from the cocktails to the appetizers and entrees (and of course dessert) was awesome. We couldn't have been happier with our dining experience. Thank you so much!"
    • Denver
      "We would love to inform you that our server went beyond our expectations of service at your cherry creek location; thank you for the great food and superior service! "
    • Richmond
      "I Just want to drop a note. I had lunch at the Kona Grill Richmond location and had a lovely server. She was delightful and attentive without being over bearing. Thanks for having people like her around!"
    • Scottsdale Quarter
      "For years my wife and I dined frequently with friends at the Scottsdale Fashion Square Kona Grill. After we moved to Kierland a few years ago, we began dining mostly at places here and in Scottsdale Quarter and didn’t frequent Fashion Square much. So we were glad to hear that you were coming to our neighborhood at Scottsdale Quarter. Since you opened here, we’ve dined with you twice. I’m writing to tell you that tonight, we received the most attentive and personable service imaginable from one of your managers. He is a great employee. I’m sure he’ll have a wonderful career without our comments, but I wanted to share our appreciation."
      Charles and Ali
    • Friendswood
      "I had the absolute pleasure of working with your GM and chefs at the Baybrook Mall Kona Grill location in Friendswood this past week to plan a staff wide outing for my team. I am the Community Relations and Events Manager for Kendra Scott and have so enjoyed working with your restaurant since we opened our doors almost two years ago. Your managers and chefs are always so welcoming, accommodating, and so easy to work with when planning our catering menus and parties at the restaurant. The team goes above and beyond to fulfill my requests, and as someone who works in the events industry, that amazing customer service goes a long way. Yesterday, July 30th, myself and 20 of our associates hosted a sushi party and dinner at your restaurant. Your Chef led the sushi demonstration, showing great patience and attention coaching all 20 girls through the steps. Your staff was engaging, helpful, and willing to honor any requests that came their way. I was so impressed by how smooth the evening flowed, and the food was delicious of course. I have been a Kona fan for two years now and I can't wait to share our sushi party experience with other managers within Kendra Scott. Great job Kona Grill Baybrook. I'm sure we'll be back in to eat sometime this week!"
    • Eden Prairie
      "I just wanted to say thank you to our server and the kitchen staff at the Kona Grill Eden Prairie, MN location. We were eating there tonight with our daughter who has a dairy allergy. We ordered French fries for her and our server came back a couple of minutes later to let me know about a cross contamination risk with the oil they are fried in. I didn't even ask about that (although I probably should have, because her allergy is quite severe). She also suggested some alternative side options without allergies. It is so rare that we eat somewhere that is this careful about food sensitivities, and it's so nice to know that you "get it." On top of that, our meals were delicious. Thank you so much for helping make our night out so pleasant! We will be back!"
    • Denver
      "Hi, I am from the States but now live in Canada, so I am familiar with Kona Grill; I try to go whenever I am around one! I wanted to tell you about a wonderful experience I had at your Denver (Cherry Creek Mall location). The waiter that originally took my order was very helpful and extremely friendly. About halfway through my sushi eating, I decided I wanted some sake. My waiter had many tables and was very busy. I caught the eye of a passing server (who was equally busy) and asked if I could order some sake. He slowed down and said: "how can I help you?" He went on to explain the new types of sake that Kona has started offering. I let he and my original waiter pick which sake to bring me. It was fabulous, and the sushi was outstanding, as usual. I brought work with me and just kind of wanted to be left alone, my waiter(s) seemed to pick up on this and knew exactly when to check on me and when to hold back. When I finished eating and I was getting ready to leave, my server brought my cheque and told me that because I was a chef, he had given me a discount. He said it wasn't much, but I can tell you that the gesture and kindness with which he did this was priceless. As I was leaving, the server that took my sake order stopped me, shook my hand, thanked me for coming in and told me it was a pleasure to have helped me. I left with a smile on my face and so appreciative for people like these two (and the hostess was so kind and welcoming). Thank you, Kona Grill and the staff at the Cherry Creek Mall location for the warm and generous service, and the incredible sushi and sake. When I return to Denver, I will most definitely be back! Thank you."
    • Huntsville
      "Amazing experience! The manager at Kona Grill is the most welcoming manager I have ever had the pleasure to talk with. She took the time to tell us how she could help my staff members and I when traveling to Huntsville from Murfreesboro. We'll be back for lunch tomorrow and I'll bring 10 associates with me next week. This is now a destination for me when in Huntsville!"
    • Fairfax
      "We dined at the Fairfax location. We had a few challenges as one person cannot eat spicy dishes and another person has a shellfish allergy. Our server was outstanding. He answered all of our many questions and helped to be sure everyone in our group had a wonderful meal. Our dinner was terrific and made all the more special by our servers professionalism and genuine caring for our safety and enjoyment. We will be back! "
    • Columbus
      "Having spent a cold, wet Saturday shopping at Easton Town Center, we were tired and hungry as we walked to our car for the trip home to make dinner. On the way to the parking lot, we came across Kona Grill. Neither of us had ever heard of Kona Grill, but it looked inviting and beat having to "raid" the refrigerator, so hunger and curiosity won out. After being shown to our table, we were warmly greeted by our server. She asked if we had ever visited Kona Grill, and when she found out it was our first visit, thoroughly went over the menu with us, explaining how the various dishes were prepared and how they differed from each other (we felt we had our own guide - wonderful). Our server's enthusiasm and attitude, pride in her job and the Kona Grill, made our fine meal a real high point of the day. Thanks for a nice evening. "
    • Gilbert
      "We absolutely love the service at this location! We also love the new rolls with the proceeds heading to Hurricane Harvey survivors. Please, please, please keep these rolls, especially the lollipop roll, on the menu!"
    • Scottsdale Quarter
      "The food was just amazing, and so was our waitress! The food was very neat, clean, and presented in a timely manner. The building itself is very well designed and clean. The food was served with just the right amount of everything. I will most certainly be coming back and recommending it to friends and family."
    • Stamford
      "I recently had a corporate party at the Kona Grill in Stamford, CT. I was extremely impressed with the servers assigned to my party. They went above and beyond to make sure my coworkers and I had a drink in hand at all times and food on our plates. Not only were they professional, they were fun too. And The food was phenomenal. I will recommend Kona Grill to friends, family, and corporations."
    • Plano
      "Just had a fantastic dining experience at your West Plano location. The food was excellent, the manager was very friendly, and our server was top notch. He took great care of us, was very personable and attentive, and our drinks never had a chance to get even close to empty. Our plates disappeared from our table the second we had finished with them. Everything was perfect and we just wanted to make sure our server was properly commended. Thanks for a wonderful date night!"
Kona Grill

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